Loredana Anelli

Loredana Anelli was born in Rome. She has an eclectic formation of study and personal research which ranges overornamental art, to mosaic, to Mandala paintings for the harmony of the person and the environment, to humanistic  psychology, to the art of cure and wellbeing through Occidental and Oriental methods. She has organized and directed handcraft workshops by public and private schools and she has collaborated with Anicia publishing house. She is a teacher at UPTER, Popular University of Rome where she has held drawing and painting courses and workshops using several techniques since 1998. She has been President of the Association “Berkana” with which she has held   courses of Art and organized exhibitions. She has participated at the collective “Shape, Function, Creation” at “il Canavaccio” gallery, A. Canova’s Study. She leads courses of drawing , painting and Mandala planned by herself in order to show feelings, emotions and unexpressed sensations through Art.

My work. Art is for me sign and color that I use to express the reality of nature, of inner worlds, made of symbols, archetypes, well-known and unknown paths of the soul. I live the experience of figurative art as a creative act, but also as a magic act which transforms a surface in something unique, that becomes an experience for those who look at it too, that communicates feelings, emotions, reflections, states of conscience. Art is the language that I prefer that is more congenial to me, to communicate and to share, to cure too and also as a form of self-healing.

La donna cannone 2007 -acrylic on canvas cms. 50 x 50 - quotation € 1200
" L'infinito" 2007 - acrylic on canvas - cms 50x50 - Quotation € 1200
" Saturno" 2007 - acrilico su tela - cm 50x50 - Quotazione € 1200
" La donna serpente" 2007 - mixed media on canvas - cms 40x50 - Quotazione € 1200