Claudia Artuso

Claudia Artuso, lives and works in Latina where she was born July 3rd. 1968. Self-taught, painting with spatula technique with oil paint andacrylic on canvas, wood and other materials. She loves bright colors in all their shades because they represent the life that surrounds us, the transmission and perception of hidden emotions. She exhibits a way to play with itself through its colors,creating abstra

ct forms, giving people a free chance of interpretation. Althoughshe is devoted to this passion for over fifteen years, she began to exhibit her works only recently.
June/July 2012: Solo Exhibition "Dare and dont think", Center of Art and Culture, Sermoneta (LT)
October 2012: Solo Exhibition "Art & Fashion", Latina)
December 2012: Solo Exhibition "The Soul of Colour", Rome)
February 2013: Solo Exhibition Town Hall, Latina)
March 2013: Solo Exhibition "Art and taste" Zen Sushi, Rome)
May/August 2014: Solo Exhibition Upstream Pub, Latina)
July 2014: Solo Exhibition "Infinite horizons" Forte Sangallo, Nettuno(Rome))
September 2014: Solo Exhibition "Only Color" B. Arte Gallery, Livorno )
December/January 2014/15: Exhibition "Look for Art" Trittico the Art Museum Contemporary, Rome )

"Parole al vento" 2006 - oil on canvas - cms 120x70 - quotation € 900.00
“Orchidee" - 2006 - acrylic on canvas - cms 120x70 - Quotation € 900.00