Saverio Barone

Saverio Barone was born on October 4, 1965 in Pagani (a town in the province of Salerno), and he spent the first years of his life in a town near Roccapiemonte. He started to cultivate his passion for painting as a young man, so as time passed the need to express his feelings and experiences through art increased.
He completed his studies moving first to Rome, then to Florence, attending with success the Academies of Art in both cities. Thanks to his natural talent and the new techniques, learned during his academic years, he reached higher levels and became an emerging and well-known painter , inspired by the great artists of the past, such as the Post-Impressionists –especially Van Gogh – or receiving more stimuli from Abstractism and the art of colour as a way to convey energy and emotions.
In order to complete his artistic studies he moved to Belgium, where he showed his works in many galleries and was in constant search for new experimental techniques, in particular developing an interest in China ink – which can be used with different artistic techniques and allows to obtain particular effects.
He then moved to Switzerland to enrich his passion and improve his cultural background, showing his works of art in many famous galleries.
Back to Italy, he has taken part to many collective and individual exhibitions, sometimes obtaining awards thanks to his determination and hard work.
Saverio Barone is a painter who always avoids routine, even in his private life, and he faces life experiences with determination, excitement and courage.
Some critics have defined him “The Cursed Painter,” “The Rebel,” an all-round painter, because through his art and brush strokes full of violent emotions, he tries to show his way of living and seeing life from different perspectives.
During an interview he has said: “Cursed and rebel are concepts or opinions of my inner self, these definitions might be right because they fully reflect my life experiences. No one will be able to stop the artist in me and the time I choose to give to art.”
In his future there is going to be painting: a form of painting with great technique, but also the passion and sensibility of a refined painter.

"Sogno" - mixed media on canvas - cms. 80x60 - Quotation € 700