Iolanda Bocelli

Born in Piacenza on 12/20/1959. Self-taught artist, since she was a little girl inclined to drawing and painting, she experiments on a hobby level, acrylic painting, tempera and watercolor. He also attended a clay sculpture course at the Gazzola Art Institute in Piacenza. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to the collage technique, using magazines, books, postcards, enamels and mixed techniques. The choice of materials and images, their particular and unique combination, mirror of the artist's personality, breaks the mold, opening the doors to imaginative worlds where everything is possible. This technique was also used by great masters of the 1900s such as Picasso, Matisse, Braque, etc. and many other contemporary masters. 

"Paper brushstrokes, recreated pages, amalgamated in dreams, sparkled, suggest thoughts and open enchanted worlds."


Iolanda has participated in collective and personal exhibitions for years, in particular in the last year she participated in an international collective exhibition in Zurich in September 2023, arriving among the 10 finalists and in the collective Arte Naviglio Grande in September 2023, arriving in 2nd place out of three hundred registered artists.

"Cicli sospesi" - 2023 - mixed media on wood - cm. 54x54 - Quotation € 500.00
"Il giardino di Kairos" - 2023 - mixed media on wood - cm. 50x40 - Quotation € 500.00
"Non è un foglio bianco" - 2021 - mixed media on wood - cm. 80x100 - Quotation € 800.00
"Nuova visione" - 2023 - mixed media on wood - cm. 47x37 - Quotation € 500.00
"Preparazione al risveglio" - 2023 - mixed media on wood - cm. 52x62 - Quotation € 500.00
"Sequenze universali" - 2023 - mixed media on wood - cm. 84x65 - Quotation € 700.00