Leonardo Ciampichetti

Leonardo Cimpichetti was born in Rome in 1977, his artistic experience was formed in Rome, first at the Caravillani art high school and then at the state art school in Rome where he graduated and integrated his studies with the fifth integrative year. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome he completed his Scenography studies in 2005.
He attended Art History by participating in Co.b.a. at the Academy of Fine Arts drawing Architecture.
Leonardo Ciampichetti is a contemporary painter inserted in the work "Contemporary Art and Artists" to volume 10

"Costiera amalfitana" - cms 120x100 - Quotation € 700
"Fontana pretoria" - cms 120x100 - Quotation € 700
"Malaga" - oil on canvas - cms 100x100 - Quotation € 700