Vincenzo Costanzi

Professional certificate in 1985.   I started painting as an autodidact, employing from the beginning the oil painting technique. The most recurrent subjects in my canvas are trains and the greatness of the sea, including digressions on other themes. From 2018 a new path of creation begins, with a different approach to the canvas, influenced by gained experience and wisdom.  
Remaining loyal to my favourite themes, I'm keen on exploring new subjects, as portaits, animals, voyages in exotic places and something the great theme of death.  What I'm trying to analyse deeply in my creations is the human sensation of loneliness and how it follows man all the way through his life, forcing him to face his own misery and fragility.
In 2019 I attended a painting class at Conti's School in Monza. In September 2020 I took part in the collective exhibition called "Dreamers", focusing on the theme of gender violence, for which I presented my painting “Crown of thorns” .
In 2020 I displayed another work in Bertone Gallery in Paris.

"Crown of thurns" - oil on canvas - cms. 50x50 . quotation € 800.00