Beatrice Dell'Acqua

Like the goddess of water, Thetis emerges powerfully from the depths of darkness, carrying on her body the regenerative force of the sea.
I am a professional with 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, a journey that has allowed me to explore the world of visual arts with passion and dedication. But my affinity with art goes beyond the digital realm: 25 years ago, I embarked on a second artistic journey, embracing ceramics. Initially, I dedicated myself to decorations on porcelain refining my aesthetic sense. Over the years, I embraced clay modeling, discovering the beauty of creating with my hands. This duality between graphic design and ceramics has enriched my artistic life, allowing me to explore beauty both in visual art and in tactile art.

The Energy Of Rebirth. Earthstone coiled and decorated with transparent glazes. cm L30 x H 32 x P 32