Rosanna Di Guardo

It’s not easy to explain. It’s an innate instinct which has an independent life... it has been stayed at rest for years, waiting for the right moment to appear. When it finally shows, it dose not nude anything else.
The white canvas represents the opportunity to express, with a unique language, exactly what the creative ardor inspires. The unconscious becomes source of shapes and colors. It cannot be controlled.
The outcome impressed on the canvas, as a channel of universal resonance, is a privileged mean that changes overtime, bounding the interior world with the senses.
The resin envelops the color, warms it, crystallized it, making it eternal. The connection ends in an embrace of tempting and precious shades. The clear gleam covers the canvas of an intense harmony in a play of light and shadows.
The energy quantum, which vibrates from the infinitely small, are the secret of the beauty that resonate with the soul of the beholder, in a mystery that only needs to be lived.

“Ardore” - cms 70x70 - resin fluid painting - Quotation € 850,00
“Battigia” - cms 70x70x3,8 - resin fluid painting - Quotation € 850,00
“Solchi lunari” - cms 40x40x3,8 - resin fluid painting - Quotation € 650,00
“Tormenta” – cm 70x70 - resin fluid painting - Quotazione € 850,00
“Vento del deserto” - cm 40x40x3,8 - resin fluid painting - Quotazione € 650,00