Rosa Fucale

At the center of her painting, although she also dedicates herself to the landscape, there is the observation of humankind, with all his expressions, emotions and situations of life, in suffering as in joy, trying to catch the true essence and the deep emotion that he transmits through a gesture, an action, posture but especially through the look.

A lively sensitivity guides her in the thematic choices and in the pictorial translation of the subjects. In her paintings the images are charged with a suggestive emotional tension, both by virtue of the compositional rhythm and the peculiar chromatic texture.

Art must describe the beauty that exists in creation, precisely in those little things that enliven everyday life.

She participates in group and personal exhibitions and various exhibitions of figurative painting obtaining good recognition and appreciation from critics and the public.

Much appreciated also through the collaboration and exposure in various art galleries and on the web. His works have crossed the ocean to the USA and Canada.

"Attonita" Watercolor on 640gr paper - cm.36x53 - Quotation € 800.00
"La voce del vento" Watercolor on 640gr paper - cm. 34x50 - Quotation € 600.00
"Le trecce" Watercolor on 640gr paper - cm. 26x36 - Quotation €450.00
Watercolor cm.36x55 on 640gr paper. - Quotation € 600.00