Giuseppe Grieco

Architect. Obtained the art diploma at the Artistic School in Matera and at a later time his Degree in Architecture at Sapienza University of Rome.
He is a Ph.D. in Restoration and Preservation of the monuments since 2013, author of several articles on architecture in particular about the relationship between the ancient and new buildings, and between the pre-existence and contemporary architecture. He goes on with his research always believing in the continuous dialogue between modernity and tradition, ancient and new and the architecture and art.
He always follows his passion for art by experimenting various traditional and innovative techniques. Through oil painting on canvas, tempera, acrylic, watercolor on cardboard, plastic material of various kind in sculpture, he continues in the search for a modern creation and always new and more stimulating and creative expressions, representing classical, contemporary and abstract subjects, following the daily creative spirit and the passion for research for a new way of doing art

"Figure vaganti 1" 2015 - watercolor and ink on cardboard - cms. 17,5x35 - Quotation € 500.00
"Figure vaganti" - 2016 - watercolor, stain and ink on cardboard -- cms. 21x30 - Quotation € 550.00
"Ritratto astratto " - 2016 - acrylic and oil on canvas - cms. 50x70 - Quotation € 2500.00