Hand Pek 

Informal chromatic glazes could be found whit a thought o fan expressionist matrix, delieated trough the color’s rafting which evokes pollock’s drains.

Dropped and met again, literal transation of the work’s title that gives the incipit for the interpretation of the chromatic streaks.

The artist investigates chromatic dynamism conferred by the intersection of vertical and horizontal lines, as if it were animated by the need for pictorial action.

Art as necessity, sperimental impulse for the knowledge of the self.

In this way the artist Hand Pek narrates his interior spaces not in motor sense about the tangible reality, but in the psychological valle which is the existential attitude.

Dott.ssa Elisabetta La Rosa

Storico e critico d’arte

"Dropped and met again" - mixed media on canvas panel - 2020 - cms. 27.9x35.6 - quotation: € 420.00