Katarzyna Lata

Katarzyna Lata graduated from the Lyceum of Fine Arts and then attended the Faculty of Painting at the Lublin Higher School of Art, where she obtained her Master's Degree. Looking back at her creative achievements and at her curriculum, a systematic research for an artistic identity can be easily identified; she has never changed neither the forms nor the genres of her painting, constantly improving those she found best suited her own image. Over time, she perfected her technique, as well as the selection of the most appropriate subjects to be transferred to the canvas, and not only, as she holds also an extensive knowledge of a few other artistic techniques. The artist creates a visual world in which she moves with ever greater certainty, suggesting that she will surprise us more than once again, breaking the rules and formulas that define her pictorial imagery; in fact she herself constantly perfects what she has decided to achieve with a completely creative expression

"Dragonfly" – oil on canvas – 70x100cms – quotation € 2800.00
"Awakening of Spring" – oil on canvas – 70x100cms – quotation € 2800.00
"Sogno fiorentino" - oil on canvas - cms 70x100 - Quotation: € 2800.00
"Gocce di tempo" oil on canvas - cm 70x100 - Quotation € 2,800.00