Carla Lupi

Carla Lupi artist, trained at the Art Institute where She graduate in “Art fabric and screen printing”. Then specialized in graphic and marketing at the Istituto Montecelio based in the ex convent of San Michele, where She met master Jean Pierre Velly and consolidates the technique of engraving. 
Great lover of expressive art and experimentation, in the 90’s She made some tapestries inspired by Paul Klee works,
currently kept in private collections.
After that watercolors, crayons, acrylic, papier mache and illustrations.
Since 2006 start the creation of portraits aimed to the intuition of feelings and emoticons rather than the simplex technical representation. Subject Is often the sane: Aurora, daughter of political refugees from Burundi, arrived in Italy through humanitarian corridors; sometimes she’s portrayed, others idealized.
This girl, now woman, Is posed by the artist as an emblema of resilience, representation of that capacity of the
human Spirit to overcome adversity and regenerate itself.
In her painting, figures are never enclosed inside Canvas, they overflow to symbolize the impossibility of representing feelings and emotions in a Square.
Since 2017 She has a permanent exibition at Archgallery, a concept store based in Rome.

"Aurora's color" - acrylic on canvas - cms 65x90 - Quotation € 1000.00
"Aurora" - acrylic on canvas - cms 60x60 - Quotation: € 800.00