Simona Mattera

Simona Mattera lives and works in the city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, Simona Mattera was born in Rome May 3, 1973, as his artistic training. The five-year high school "Fashion Designer" then the three-year specialization in "Restoration of the paintings and canvas-boards and restoration of ancient murals. In his works can be summed up everything, to evolve in the ways of 'soul. You read strong emotions, the "Patos" and 'ubiquitous, such as' love and the bond between man and nature.
His various exhibitions both collective and personal, in Trentino-South Tyrol and Innsbruck (A).

“Amore arabo" 2010 - mixed media on canvas - cms 80x60 - private collection
“Casanova" 2014 - oil on canvas - cms. 100x80 - private collection
“Inferno, XI canto" 2013 - mixed media on canvas - cms. 70x70 - Quotation € 750
“Vita" 2009 - oil on canvas - cms.150x100 - Quotation € 850
“Ninfa del lago di Carezza" oil on canvas - cms. 70 x70 - Quotation € 850
“Vuoti a perdere" mixed media cms. 100 x80 - private collection