Roberta Maule

I was born in Rovereto on November 14th 1977 and I graduated high school in kinetic advertising graphics and photography.
I currently live and work in Trento.
During my studies I developed a passion for human shapes in relation to both their physical and spiritual aspects.
I choose my human subjects from the reality and then I throw them into a mental spatial dimension, the unreal places of my imagination.
My art allows me to travel from the inner world to the outside world. Furthermore, I can glimpse at the past and dream about the future, see through ways of passage and change. Thanks to my art I can observe the mind and feel the heart.

"India" - acrylic on canvas - cms 100x100 - 2018 - Quotation: € 900.00
"Specchio" - acrylic on canvas - cms 100x120 - 2017 - Quotation: € 900.00
"Sulle mie nuvole" - acrylic on canvas - cms 120x100 - 2019 - Quotation: € 900.00
"Gulp" - acrylic on canvas - cm 80x100 - 2018 - Quotation: € 900.00