Tatjana   Meier

Short biography
November 8th, 1973 – born in Gay / Russia
1990 – 1995 – studies at the University of Orenburg
1996 – Relocation to Germany / Saxony
1996 – 1998 – studies at the University of Dresden
since 1999 – teacher in the Saxon school service

"Omaggio all'amata Venezia - La maschera giusta" - cms. 80x60 - oil on canvas - Quotation € 1000.00
"Omaggio all'amata Venezia - La mascherina rossa" cms.90x60 - oil on canvas - Quotation € 1200.00

Still at school, Tatjana Meier took private lessons from the painter Ivan Chvostov. Private lessons with Nikolai Bojarkin, professor at the Orenburg Art School, followed.
After her removal to Saxony, Tatjana Meier took part at various art courses of the Volkshochschule Leipzig. In 2004 she attended the evening academy at the HGB (Leipzig School of Graphics and Book Art).
In 2005 Tatjana Meier joined an artist group led by the artist Jakov Khesin. At the same time she took private lessons from the Georgian artist Lena Injia.
Classical Russian painters and French impressionists encouraged and inspired Tatjana Meier on the search of her own artistic language.
2007 she left the artist group and took private lessons by the professor of art Paolo Casadei in Rome. Iraqi artist Hassan Haddad supported Tatjana Meier on her way to the professional art.
2008 she presented her paintings to the public fot the first time in Leipzig at the gallery „Westart“. After this exhibition followed others in Germany, Italy and Great Britain.
In spring 2011 she joined the artists’ association “SagArt”. As a part of the artist association work, she organised some school-oriented art projects.
Tatjana Meier has been a member of the New Leipzig Art Association (NLKV) since July 2014.
Her works are privately owned in Italy, Germany and Australia.

The language (s) of images
Painting by Tatjana Meier

Tatjana Meier’s work is internationally influenced and stylistically versatile. In variable approaches and themes, motives and styles, her pictures show the expressive potential of figurative representation up to abstraction. 
Her biography explains the adaptation of several cultures: Born in Russia, Meier studied languages in Orenburg and Dresden and trained as a visual artist parallel to her studies: Through stays abroad and further training she acquired Russian, German, Italian and Iraqi painting traditions – visual languages are differentiated and perfected. 
The projects are international: since 2008 exhibitions in various countries, artist cooperations and art projects with her students. Meier works conceptually on various themes, mostly in series. Her style is always adapted to the subject matter, changing it individually in colour and form, rhythm and ductus. The starting point is something experienced, something seen or read. 
Thus, trips to Italy inspired atmospheric landscapes of ruins – surreal places of the past. Dynamic line swings of the costumes in the Carnevale di Venezia make the figures seem disembodied and abstract. Pianos, inspired by a Dresden exhibition, are strangely alienated by unusual perspectives and mirror effects; the fine chromaticism of muted colours emphasises the affinity to music. 
Whether surreal-alienating, literary-symbolic or natural-dynamic – Tatjana Meier transforms visual appearances and ideas into individual aesthetics.

© Dr. Marina Linares, art historian