Giacomo Minella

Graduated from a professional institute, I attended a course of restoration of ancient materials at the "Nicola Zabaglia" school in Rome, participating in restoration activities on artistic and archaeological artefacts. I attended the University of Tuscia, in the Faculty of Sciences of Cultural Heritage. Later I made the choice of life to devote myself fully to the art of painting, as a self-taught artist.
I exhibited in numerous group exhibitions following selections in national and international competitions in which I participated, receiving awards and prizes.
They are present in various art catalogs. In addition, some of my works, exhibited in a solo show in the city of art Canale Monterano, are visible online in the Academic Gallery of Contemporary Art.

"Paesaggio addormentato sul lago" oil on canvas - cm50x35 - 2020 - Quotation € 650,00
"Rumore" oil and tempera on canvas cardboard - cm30x30 - 2021 - Quotation € 650,00
"Catarsi" oil on canvas - cm 90x90 - Quotation € 600.00
"Speranza" oil on canvas - cm. 80x60 - Quotation € 600