Mariana Acuña

Mariana Acuña is a painter original from Chile. Undoubtedly, taste for contamination and chromatic vitalism are central elements of her pictorial poetry. Through thin spatulas of color spread with great freedom and a technique almost grafitistica, the artist creates a lively and vibrant chromatic texture of materic quality. Pure and intense colors, expressive freedom, create a fantasy and evocative world in which mysterious and imaginary figures, animals and symbols, are inset finding their foundation in an art where the inner needs are interwoven with unconscious heritages of the South-American tradition. So, Acuña’s painting turns itself into a kind of cryptographic alphabet, where shapes, colors and symbols allude to things, turning this allusion in an intangible wonder for the world. Acuña was born in Santiago de Chile in 1968, but now she lives and works in Italy in Bolzano.

Ananda - oil and acrylic on cardboard – cms. 76X56 - Quotation € 1600
Elefante y musas - il and acrylic on wood – cms. 76X56 - Quotation € 1600
Horse and couple - oil and acrylic on cardboard - cms. 48X36 - Quotation € 1200