Maria Teresa Trovato

It comes without warning, an imposing violent and primal creative impulse.
The need to grasp that precise moment and paint what the soul dictates.
Often, even if equipped with an excellent dialectic, we are unable to speak, to understand each other, to let ourselves go in a natural and irrational way.
Painting abstracts has always allowed Maria Teresa Trovato, artist and psychology student born in Taormina in 1996, to speak through her works, without filters.
To paint she does not use brushes, but only her own hands, so that every thought and sensation of the moment flows directly onto the canvas.
The materials used for her paintings are mainly acrylic colors in tubes and spray cans, Indian ink and glossy paint.
Always looking and willing to grow more every day, lately she has been experimenting by creating material canvases with the help of newspaper sheets, vinyl glue, powdered plaster, acrylic spray paint, gold leaf and glossy paint.
In the past years Maria Teresa Trovato held two solo shows in the city of Catania, she participated in artistic competitions through which she had the pleasure of receiving certificates, prizes and criticisms.
Furthermore, her art has been published in several contemporary art catalogs.

“Inverno” – acrylic on canvas – 2019 – cms. 100x70 - Quotation € 600
“Introspezione” – acrilico su tela – 2021 – cm. 50x50 - Quotazione € 400.00