Fabiana Raguso

I am a portrait photographer , based in Taranto, Puglia (Italy).
My photography is spontaneous and focused on things and people that surround me and affect me most emotionally.
My look falls more on themes that I feel mine. I manage to empathize with the subjects, preferring a more emotional approach than a purely news item. 
I like to move between the balance of spontaneous documentarism and the construction of stage photography. I also like to mix still life and portraits because I am attracted to what surrounds my subjects, as if they have an influence on them.
I consider light, and the means to create it, my best friends. I like to play with it and try to create scenes and portraits that can convey to the people who look at my shots, what I feel in shooting my subjects and the emotions they convey to me.

"Nereidi" - photography - 1/3 on baryta paper - dimensions cm. 70x100 - Quotation € 600.00
"Mia" - photography - 1/3 on baryta paper - possible dimensions cm. 70x100 and 50x35 - Quotation € 580.00