Rosalia Maria Cristina Carista 

Rosalia Maria Cristina Carista is a painter from Palermo (Italy). She was born on 1988. She studied in an Art High School in her hometown. After her graduation, she continued her self-taught research. She participated in art projects held in Palermo and Altofonte, such as the" Artist's Books Contest" in 2018 and "Mostra Fiera d'Autunno" in 2019 and 2021. In 2021 she participated in the" Oreto d'Arte" project, realizing extemporaneous works in the most significant places of the Oreto river.

She loves to paint reality and arouse in the viewer a real sensorial perception transmitted in a material support (canvas), which manages to live through the brushstrokes and the application of color.

“The transparency of the flowers” Oil painting on canvas - 40 x 50 cm – Quotation € 750,00
"Green "naca" in Fiumelato-Meccini" Acrylic on canvas 45 x 65 cm - Quotation € 650,00
“The water: its movement and reflection... ” Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 40 cm - Quotation € 550,00
"Amare la terra, nostra risorsa di vita" – Oil on canvas - cm 50x70 - Quotation: € 850,00