Rana  Sayegh

Born in Amman Jordan on 07/06/1965.

Graduated on 1987 with bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Yarmouk - Jordan.

Visual Art Course - 2003 Geneva from 2003 to 2015.

Work experience:

Worked as a teacher at the Bacaloria International Institute of Visual Art at "Cambridge School of Amman"

International Examiner of Visual Art from 2008 to 2015

Participated in many collective, personal exhibitions in Jordan

Participated in several group exhibitions in Beirut Lebanon, Cairo Egypt, Baghdad Iraq

Participated in numerous Symposia with other artists in Jordan and Lebanon

Participated along with the Professional Union Convention in Amman in the creation of 3 Murals “Wall Painting” Entifadah - Lebanon -Intibah

Symposiums: Ajloun Jordan, Ehdin Lebanon, Petra Jordain

Living in Rome since 2016, participated in many personal and collective exhibitions in via Margutta

Winning the first Oscar of the "Red Carpet di via Margutta"

In the news:

April 2014 “Afkar” a publication by the Ministry of Culture – Jordan interview and paintings displayed.
Special article in Jordan Television and many Arab publishers in Jordan, Kuwait and KSA.

"Black Iris" - oil on canvas - cms. 120x120 - Quotation € 2900.00
"AbsLism" - oil on canvas - cms. 80x60 - Quotation € 1600.00
"Cafee" - oil on canvas - cms 100x80 - Quotation € 2800.00