Massimiliano Sciuccati

Massimiliano Sciuccati: The emotion of color.
Essential lines meet and blend with color giving voice to the soul of the artist Massimiliano Sciuccati. He fuses the chromatic suggestion of Pop Art with the essentiality of the form.
Color dominates the canvas, the artist leaves free color without limiting it to a portion of the canvas, merging with freedom of expression, action and thought. Sciuccati, supported by intense chromatisms, dedicates to the expressionism of his thought and concrete it with his abstract conception of art.
Artistic thought is realized by the burst of color that allows him to carry out the suggestions to realize an extremely personal pictorial language, which is about the emphasis of his feeling at the moment when the action takes place through the pictorial trait, where the protagonist of the canvas in the encounter between the dynamism of the form and the density of colors.

Dott.ssa Elisabetta La Rosa
Storico e critico d’arte

" Dancing on the water" - 2020 - acrylic/industrial colours - cms 60 x90 - Private collection
"Girl "- 2020 - acrylic - cms 80 x100 - Quotation € 1100