Mauro Sgrazzutti

Always passionate about Art and Painting, while attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, he also occasionally collaborates as a graphic designer and illustrator for some Rizzoli magazines. Under the careful guidance of Maestro Gianfranco Manara, he is strongly influenced in compositional research through the sign and essentiality, concluding his artistic studies in 1989. During and after this period he participates in some local competitions, thus closely following the artistic production of others important Artists of the Milanese context, such as Luca Vernizzi.

Fascinated by the sinuosity of the human figure and its immense beauty, he tries to represent it in a simple way, rediscovering a sign of classical origin, but slightly revised and accentuated by light and dark models and mixed techniques. In a continuous evolutionary search, in a simple and almost "intimate" way, he tries to express and bring to light the human soul and in particular that of the female figure.

The works are all characterized by a continuous artistic search for "beauty", deliberately not influenced by the various contemporary styles, but expressed through its natural evolution and renewal, without forgetting the experience and values ​​of the classic aesthetic canons of the past.

The artistic expression takes place without the aid of complex intellectual alchemies, but aims at the search for emotional immediacy with naturalness and simplicity.

"Dono di passione" pastels on cardboard - cm.50x70 - Quotation € 1440.