Silvia Donati

My name is Silvia Donati (aka SiDo Art), i was born in Rome on August 4, 1977 and since i was a child i have developed a great passion for drawing.
After completing my compulsory studies i enrolled at the Art Institute of Tivoli, metal and goldsmith branch, which i completed graduating with honors.
Subsequently, i decided to enroll in the Italian Institute of Craftsmanship and Restoration to acquire the qualification of restorer of paintings. Here i learned new painting techniques, such as egg painting and fresco, one of the most beautiful painting techniques for me.
Following life's commitments (marriage, children, work) i had an artistic blackout that lasted years, a period in which i couldn't find a "reason" to create.
The pandemic has helped me get out of my creative block and rekindle that fire in me that makes me feel alive. I realized that you don't need a reason to do what makes us feel good. We do it precisely because it makes us happy.

"Il tocco” pastels on paper and graphite - cm 15x23 - Quotation € 480,00
“Innocenza” - 2022 - pastels on paper - cm 15x23 - Quotation € 480,00