Tiziana Moretti

Tiziana Moretti aka TIMORET was born in Taranto on May 3, 1969.

In her works she tells and tells herself, researches and experiments. The use of color is not enough for her and she seeks the union between different materials, giving a new life and a new role to objects also in common use. The aim is the search for the philosophical "whys" of existence and also for pathos; but in her painting there is still the hope of being able to transmit, to those who dedicate a few moments of their time, the essence of a dream, the idea of ​​an idea, the image of a desire that led to take colors and brushes and try their hand at trying to give shape to often surreal "visions".

The art critic Prof. Gerardo Pecci says of her ...
"An explosion of life that is present in the works of the Apulian artist Tiziana Moretti, an" all-round "painter, who searches in the shapes and colors of own works, a way to be with others and for others, to search for the meaning of human existence, beyond the used "rules" of society, beyond the rigidity of dull and senseless behavioral canons, beyond the alienating and alienated conformism in which we often find ourselves surviving. .. "

The art critic Prof. Gianfranco Labrusciano says of her ...
" There is a very strong esoteric thrust. Works flooded with a vital and bursting color, undoubtedly a reflection of exuberant creativity and energetic impulses, strongly alluding to symbols and erotic references. The "verve" is imaginative and tends to be "free", that is devoted to singing, music, light and dreamy and sometimes fabulistic and narrative ... "

Prof. Vincenza Musardo Talò, art critic, says of her ...
" Artist rich in her own truth, vital and poetic and, therefore, capable of new and original compositional and chromatic solutions ... "

The artist Francesco Selvaggi says of her ...
" Your painting has always dragged me into magical and enchanted worlds, where everything becomes possible and time is canceled out in the colors, giving us the moments of our eternal childhood and moments of true love and compassion ... "

"Sguardi" - cm.115x25x35 - Acrylic and material (various objects) - Quotation € 2500.00
"Woman's Heart" - cm.100x100 - Acrylic and material (various objects) - Quotation € 2000.00