Natalya Vojtovych

Natalya Vojtovych is an artist of Ukrainian origins.
She learned to paint since early age, growing up she turned is passion for art into a proper study, participating in numerous artistic competitions.
At the age of seventeen she join the firm of an established artist, where she is given private lessons.
In 2009 she took is degree in interior and exterior design at the art college of Lviv. In the same year she decided to move to Rome where she took a break from the art, to find herself. In 2018 she started to paint again driven by a reborn passion for art and a strong willing to express herself again.

In the picture reproduced here, "Death of Consumerism", The artist cleverly uses toys and her childhood memories combined with faded colors to celebrate the death of the consumerism.
Mixed technique: Oil on canvas with acrylic details, the artist also paint with is bare hands to have a direct contact with the paint. .

"Morte del consumismo" mixed media on canvas - cms. 120x160 - Quotation € 1000
"Inconscio" - oil on canvas - cm. 80x50 - Quotation € 1000