Marina Zanello

Inspiration comes from a land with a thousand shades of green, crossed by emerald creeks shaded by hundred-year old foliage. From there a few kilometres away the sea, the warm and welcoming Adriatic with its golden lagoons. A country rich in history and events, melting pot of worlds and cultures, is the backdrop to the epiphany of its wildlife.

 In each painting a coin appears, part of the medioeval treasure found in
these places. The artist has scattered them in her works creating a continuum between past and present, fleeting human world and eternal nature.

"Lepre mistica" - acrylic on canvas - cm 50x50 - Quotation € 1000,00
"Anatroccolo della fiaba" acrylic on canvas - cms. 50x50 - quotation € 1000,00
"Felicità estiva" - acrylic on canvas - cms 70x50 - Quotation € 1300,00