Angelica Fortuzzi

Angelica Fortuzzi finds her expression between painting and photography, from the intensity of colour to the contrast of black and white. Colour is both an instrument and a refrain, which the artist analyses in extensive experimentation in "en plein air" painting. Filtered through light, colour is revealed by in-depth observation of reality, whether it be a landscape or human figure.
Born in Rome, where she lives and works, and where she attended art school, Fortuzzi is an architect and has a PhD in Urban Design. Research without creative limits is a characteristic of her evolution; colour, guided by an incisive instinct, is both matter and means of expression, language.
Angelica Fortuzzi's work represents a path that begins with an intuition and takes material form by means of sketches in watercolour or pastel, with which the artist begins to develop shapes and colours. After tracing the drawing, Fortuzzi starts carefully to mix the colours on her palette in search of that particular tone, with ever increasing concentration.
In Fortuzzi's work, colours and shapes powerfully harmonize in an analytic, dreamlike manner, creating mysterious transparencies full of light and colour. For Angelica Fortuzzi, artistic expression is something profound, a relationship between the observer and the observed that, as in a play of mirrors, reflects itself.

"Attimo" 2021 - oil on black paper - 25x35 cm - Unframed - quotation € 480.00
"Villa Borghese" 2017 - watercoulour on paper 18x25 cm - Unframed - quotation € 360.00
"Abbandono" 2016 - watercoulour on paper 20x30 cm - Unframed - quotation € 360.00
"Angelo blu" 2021 - watercoulour on paper 21x15 cm - Unframed - quotation € 360.00
"Rest" 2016 - graphite on bamboo paper - 29.7x21 cm - Unframed - quotation € 240.00