Luigi Marano

Luigi Marano, artist with a complete and classic background, piano player, studied design in New York in early’90, when he had the chance to live in Soho, being involved in emotional surrealistic experiences and avant-garde. Citizen of the world, he lived for years in Africa (Kenya, Namibia and Ruanda), in middle-east (Iraq, Afghanistan and Jordan) and had the opportunity to spend three long years in Turkey, where he lived the experiences of ancient myths coming from Anatolian Regions, full of colors and symbols. He now lives in the Euganean hills, near Padova, in an entourage of art, music and literature.

He has been selected to participate at the “Biennale” of Contemporary Art in Rovigo (2019) and he performed personal exhibitions in many art galleries of Padova, sponsored by Padova Municipality and local Cultural Department.

He has been awarded in the Contest named “URBS PICTA” (2020), sponsored by the Republic Presidency of Rome, to nominee the city of Padova as “UNESCO artistic heritage”.

His work “Sphynx” (2019) has been published in the book named “Il Gatto di Maometto”, written by Giovanni Canova (edited by the International Graphic Center of Venice).

His most representative works are frequently published in many art magazines.

Concerning his style, he love to revisit classic and immortal myths, using the technique of Pastels, Charcoals, graphite, on paper and on natural texture. As result, elegant chromatic and tridimensional effects.

"Lost" - 2020 - pastel, graphite powders and charcoal on woven paper - cm 70x100 - Quotation € 1000.00
"Taurus" - 2020 - pastel, graphite powders and charcoal on woven paper - cm 70x50 - Quotation € 850.00
"Urbs picta" - 2020 - pastel, graphite powders and charcoal on woven paper. - cm 80x80 - Quotation €. 850.00
"Vis high-tech" - - 2020 - digital elaboration of the VIS work on an aluminum plate - cm 50x70 - Quotation € 850.00