Jessica Tomasoni

Jessica Tomasoni, born in 1993, is a self-taught artist whose artistic path has been shaped by her unique life experience. After completing high school, you began a career as a nail technician in various beauty centers. However, her true passion has always resided in art, a deep need to express the complexity of human emotions through painting.
Initially attracted to surreal landscapes full of vibrant colours, Jessica felt that this expressive mode failed to fully capture the depth of her emotions. Progressively, she approached the world of black and white, discovering in this shade the perfect link to define her unique style. Black and white has become the medium through which Jessica brings soul art to life. 
Through her works, the artist wishes to convey a whirlwind of emotions, painting her own fears, pain and personal joys. Each brushstroke tells a story, arousing in its viewers a deep connection with universal feelings. Jessica's works serve as a mirror of human experiences, bringing the viewer face to face with the artist, an experience that dissolves the apparent barriers that separate individuals.  
The choice to paint exclusively in black and white reflects the concept that Jessica wants to convey. Her paintings represent dreams fulfilled, but also faded dreams, deprived of the color of reality. This chromatic duality becomes the vehicle through which the artist seeks to evoke deep emotions in observers, inviting them to reflect on the nuances of life and the humanity we share. In every stroke, Jessica Tomasoni creates a silent dialogue that goes beyond color, penetrating the very heart of human experiences.

Oil on canvas - 90x65 - 2023 - Quotation € 480.00
Oil on canvas - cm 40x30 - 2023 - Quotation € 180.00