Tiziana Tripodi

Painting is a kind of poetry, a heart-breaking way of telling stories without words, but striking imagination. I made it up recently, "when I grew up”.
As a young girl, I loved drawing, even though I wasn't so much skilled. At the High School of Art, I learned to use tempera, watercolour, charcoal, oil painting until I approached acrylics, which I mostly loved. 
Acrylics is a quick, expressive and swinging technique; by using it, you can make ideas come true and even touch'em. 
Using paper, vinyl glue, chalk, gold and silver sheets, I let my inspiration come in and lead me, and I keep going as long as the work is done. 
And the work has to be perfect to me. 
I'm mostly committed with abstract works; painting is my highway to touch people, to move them through their conscious thoughts and feelings, to excite them and to get involved in what I do. Colours mixed, materials, combining techniques are my drivers, and I use to fall into a sort of creative trance I can't stop, 'cause I'm deeply convinced that the end of the process is only when my feelings and my work are face to face on the canvas.
It's an entirely instinctive and emotional way, but it's the only one that excites me in the creation process.

Acrylic on canvas - cms 60x80 - Quotation € 800.00
“Astratto” Acrylic on canvas - cms 50x70 - Quotation € 800.00